Wednesday November 15, 2017


Braxton and Bodde were our VIPs today. I have been using character cards collected this year to pull names for the VIP table. Starting Friday, I am going to reset the character card bucket. Then students will earn character cards based on the number of points they got from class DOJO for the week. They will get 1 character card in the bucket for every 5 points they earn.


Mrs. White came in this morning to teach the students about what a bully is.


We thought of and wrote long u words in our literacy journal.

IMG_6769IMG_6773 2

During math we used our secret code cards to make new numbers. I sent a copy of these secret code cards home. The students can cut them apart and put them in a baggie to help them with homework if they’d like.


Lili and I had our coffee date today. She is excited to go to Florida over Christmas break.

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We created some turkeys today. I love all the different personalities that came out in the turkeys.


Tuesday November 14, 2017


During small groups, each group worked on a close read. We will be doing this most Tuesdays. Students will be working on finding evidence in the text to support their answers.


London and I had our coffee date. We talked about babies since her little brother is around Easton’s age.


During Grammar students worked with partners on a ‘One and More than One’ game. If they finished early they got to play Go Fish with the cards.

Not Pictured:

Math: Students worked on counting groups of ten and extra ones.

Phonics: Students worked on writing and reading long u words.

Library: Students got to play with some robots.

Whole Group Reading: We finished up digging deeper into our 5 second rule text. We asked questions about the text, found context clues to figure out what the word surface means, and discussed the author’s purpose.

Unit Studies: We started talking about what school was like a long time ago.

Monday November 13, 2017

As it starts to get colder outside, lips start to get more chapped. Mrs. Hartley in the health room wanted us to remind kids that they can bring chapstick and leave it in their back pack.


London and Vincent were our VIPs today.


During writing, we talked about how to stretch out a sentence to add more detail. I modeled one to the class and then they came up with their own. It turned out pretty silly.


Vincent and I had a coffee date. He is excited to move into a new house soon.


During grammar, we talked about one thing and more than one thing can change how we write a sentence. For example, ‘The cat is brown,” would need to change to, “The cats are brown.”

IMG_6749 IMG_6753

Our spelling skill for the week works on long u. We talked about how long u can sound like it’s name or say oooo.

Not Pictured:

Whole Group Reading: We read a story about the 5 second rule today. We learned that we shouldn’t follow the 5 second rule. Did you know that a piece of candy can get 8,000 germs on it from just 1 second on the floor?! Have you kids tell you another detail from the text.

Math: We continued showing 2 digit numbers with ten sticks and circles. Ask your child how many tens and ones are in the number 47. (4 tens and 7 ones) If we were to write that as an equation it could look like 40+7=47 or 47=40+7.

Science: We learned about the food chain and illustrated a fun book to show what we know about it.

Friday November 10, 2017

Coffee Dates Next Week:

Monday- Vincent

Tuesday- London

Wednesday- Lili

Thursday- Bodde

Friday- Braxton


Mayzee and Bodde were the VIPs today!


Happy Birthday to Charley tomorrow!


We worked on taking our details we brainstormed and organizing them onto a graphic organizer. These kids have some great stories!


I had a coffee date with Keegan today. He is excited to stay with his grandparents this weekend.


Congrats to Mayzee, our DOJO leader of the week!


Josey gets to be the first one to take home Herbie over the weekend. Each student will have a chance to spend the weekend with Herbie. I ask that they take a picture of them with Herbie and then write about it in the binder provided.

Not Pictured:

Guided Reading: I will start up my small groups again next week. I am so excited to meet with the kids and get to know them better as readers.

Math- Students worked on counting dimes and pennies. This is the same as counting tens and ones which they have gotten so good at. The students draw dimes as a circle with a ten in it and pennies as a circle with a one in it.

Phonics: Students took their spelling test. Those were sent home today.

Whole Group Reading: We read a story called Hatchet. It was about how when George Washington was a boy he got a hatchet. He accidentally cut his dad’s cherry tree with it. Even though he thought his dad would be mad he told him the truth. He learned the lesson that he should always tell the truth. We dug deep into this story by finding the key details, summarizing it, finding the central message (lesson learned), and asking questions about the text.

Thursday November 9, 2017


London and Bodde were our VIPs today.


Students worked on writing details about their small moment using their 5 senses. Then they shared their details with their knee partners on the carpet.


Brielle and I had a coffee date. She told me all about her two little brothers and how her three year old brother has been practicing for preschool.


For phonics, we learned about contractions. Students practiced writing contractions on their white boards.

Not Pictured:

  • Whole group reading: We finished up digging deeper in to our Shark Attack text. We talked about how to use context clues from the text to figure out what the word murky means. We also discussed the author’s purpose for writing the story.
  • Math: We worked on representing 2 digit numbers with ten sticks and circles. We also talked about the difference between numbers like 13 and 30. These numbers get confused often. 13 and 30 both have a three, but 13 has 3 ones and 30 has 3 tens.
  • Grammar: We wrote some sentences with holidays, days of the week, and months. We made sure to write these with capital letters.
  •  Unit Studies: We watched a Magic School Bus  video about plants. This helped us understand what we learned about plant parts the other day.


Wednesday November 8, 2017


Vincent and Landon were our VIPs today.


During phonics, we came up with words that had long o in them and wrote them in our literacy notebooks.


We started math out by taking a quick quiz. I graded those and sent it home if it was all correct. I will work on reteaching a few skills with students that need it. We then worked on showing numbers with ten sticks and circles and writing an equation to match. For example, the number 63 would have 6 ten sticks and 3 circles. The equation that would go with that is 60+3=63.


Charley and I had our coffee date today. She is excited to go to The Little Mermaid play tonight with her dad and cousin.


For art, we worked on creating a fall tree picture.

Tuesday November 7, 2017

As a reminder, students are welcome to bring their own drink to school when it is their coffee date day. I am loving these conversations!

IMG_6700 2IMG_6699 2IMG_6698 2

Students learned a new strategy to help them solve equations. They used doubles, doubles+1, and doubles+2.

When solving 5+6 they can say, “I know 5+5=10 so one more than that is 11.”

Or they could say, “6+6=12 so one less than that is 11.”

IMG_6702IMG_6703 2

We learned about the parts of a plant by watching a Brainpop Jr. Then we discussed what each part does for the plant.

IMG_6697 2

During phonics, students worked on writing long o words.

Not Pictured:

Library: Students checked out books. Please remember to send back their books every Tuesday.

Small Groups: I continued to text level students to see what reading level they are on. I love seeing all of the improvements!

Whole Group Reading: We reread our text from yesterday about shark attacks. Then we came up with some questions to ask about the text. We used our questioning words what, when, where, why, how.

Coffee Date with Nyellie: She is excited for her cousins to come for Thanksgiving and stay with her for a whole week!