Thursday March 16, 2017


We finished our class acrostic poem today. Then students worked on their own.


We took a math assessment today that included all first grade math skills taught throughout the year. I talked to kids about how some of the concepts haven’t been taught yet, but to just try their best. This will show me which skills have been mastered already. We will take it again at the end of the year to see how they improve. I will share these results on the data sheet I send home with report cards.


We had an amazing presentation from Dean Jacobs today. He is a Nebraska native who has been traveling the world for many years. He shared his experiences with us today.  You can visit his website to see more information.


We have been working on adjectives a lot over the last few weeks. Students got creative today with their adjectives. They wrote 6 adjectives for how they would describe themselves on the rainbow strips. Then we got a little messy with glitter!

Wednesday March 15, 2017


There was a skill on the last quick quiz that the class as a whole struggled with. They were expected to find 1/4 of the objects. We will be practicing this during our calendar time every day.


Today was a tough concept. They were answering questions based off of circle graphs.

IMG_3838 IMG_3839

We moved onto our next poem today, Acrostic. They started with brainstorming their topic.

IMG_3842 IMG_3845

Congrats to Grace, our next roadrunner with character. Also to Charlie, our popcorn with the principal winner.


We spent some time to predict the winner of the March Madness Tournament. Lots of kids think Creighton will make it to the end 🙂


We got creative with pointillism today.

Wednesday March 8, 2017


Here is what we have for our yellow donations for Spring into Art Night so far. Thank you so much!


Nora and Sam were our VIPs today.


We have been talking about dividing shapes into fourths and halves.


We are starting our poetry unit in writing.

IMG_3763 2

We discussed facts and details from the story, Mister Bones.


Our art turned out so cool today! We used watercolors, scrapbook paper, and tissue paper. We discussed using a horizon line.

Tuesday March 7, 2017

FYI this went home in Friday folders last week. Information about the first grade program.

FullSizeRender 29IMG_3750

Madalyn and Maddax were our VIPs today.


Students worked on the comprehension skill, asking questions. They wrote down one question they would ask Barnum Brown. This is who our story, Mister Bones, is about this week. He searched for dinosaur fossils and put them together in museums.


Our spelling skill this week is the long o sound made with ow and oa.


Jenna’s group finished reading a story about Frogs and Toads. While they were reading they found ways to compare the two animals. Then they took the information collected to write a paragraph.

Wednesday March 1, 2017

March already! Bring on the sunshine! Tomorrow is mismatched clothing day for Read Across America Week.


Thank you to Mrs. Yandell for reading to our class to help celebrate Read Across America Week.


We read Green Eggs and Ham and then got to try some to see if we liked them. Most of the students liked them!


Maddax and Charlie were our VIPs today.

Monday February 27, 2017

fullsizerender-29 img_3661

This week’s spelling skill is focusing on the long e sound made with ee and ea.


Today was the start to Read Across America Week. Since the theme was “Reading is where it’s hat,” we did some Cat in the Hat themed activities. Students made themselves in Cat in the Hat and wrote their spelling words on the hat. Tomorrow is “Find a Book to Knock your Socks Off!” Wear your silly socks.

img_3662 img_3663

We finished up our ‘eggs’periment today by observing the changes made in our eggs. We concluded that the pepsi would hurt our teeth the most, but it was a close call with the grape juice and energy drink.


We learned about adjectives today and focused in on colors and shapes.

Wednesday February 22, 2017

This time of year is notoriously hard for students to make good choices. The weather is getting nice and in turn their behavior goes downhill. We started Class DOJO today and I love it! The students did amazing and I think it will help to be partnered up with you to keep track of their choices. Talk with your kids about their choices at night. Focus on the positives, but also take some time to talk about what they can improve on.


Check out our new VIP table! I am so excited about this. For every 5 points students get from Class DOJO they will get to put a character card in the bucket. Students also can recommend other students to receive character cards. If they observe a student showing character they tell me about it and are able to give that students a card. Every day starting Monday I will pull two character cards from the bucket. Those kids will get to sit at the VIP table for the day. There are fun writing utensils, erasers, and coloring books. I got some items to get our table started, but if you have anything that you could contribute we would love it!


During math we continued to talk about 3D shapes. Students used cubes to make new shapes.


We started our last descriptive writing piece today. Students picked a picture and started a graphic organizer to describe what was going on.


We sequenced the events of our weekly story, Mama’s Birthday Present.


We learned that ay comes at the end of words and ai is found in the middle.


The students did amazing on art today!