Wednesday August 16, 2017


My husband, Scotty, sent me this photo of Easton today. He knew I would probably be wondering about him. Was he fed, did he nap, is he happy? It reminded me that you all are most likely thinking about your babies all day too. Are they making good choices, did they have fun at recess, what are they learning? I want you to know that I consider these kiddos my own. And like my own, I will love them, encourage them, and challenge them. Your babies are in good hands, but if you ever need anything please let me know.


We started our VIP table. Students can earn a character card for every 5 points they get on class DOJO. They will drop it in the bucket and every morning I will draw two cards. The more cards they have the better chance they have. If you have any extra coloring books, notepads, or special writing tools at home that you don’t need anymore we would take them.


We learned from Respectful Rachel today. She taught us some ways to be respectful at school and then we came up with our own. The students then wrote 4 ways they were going to be respectful. We also talked about the safe seat. This is a place to take a break and think about what they need to do to be successful. We talked about how it is not a place where they are in trouble. I might have them move there, but they can also move themselves. I told them that adults even sometimes need to put themselves in a safe seat when they need a break. If you hear your child say that they went to the safe seat don’t get mad at them. Use it as a time to discuss why they needed to go there and what they can do better next time.


Yesterday we read the story Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal. Today kids wrote down things they needed to report that wouldn’t be considered tattling. We will make these into a class book for our library.


Students learned about what a solar eclipse is and how to be safe while viewing it. Mrs. Roberts sent out some information regarding Monday’s viewing. Please read this and ask any questions before Monday.


We read the story, No David, which is about a little boy who doesn’t follow the rules at school. We then talked about things that would be good choices and bad choices. To finish, they created their own David and wrote three of the school rules they have learned this week.


We read the book, The Name Jar, which is about a little girl who moves from Korea to the United States. She gets made fun of because her name is different. She finds out that her name has a beautiful meaning and she learns to be proud of it. We didn’t have time today, but we will be doing an art project with our names tomorrow. I told the kids to go home and ask you to help them find the meaning of their name.


Tuesday August 15, 2017


We got to go to the library today and have checkout time. Students will have library every Tuesday. They can keep their two books until the next Tuesday.


We will be learning from some First Grade Experts this week. The first expert was Responsible Ryan. We read a story about way Ryan is responsible. Then we came up with ways to be responsible at school. To finish, we made our responsible backpacks and wrote one way to be responsible inside.


Students did fabulous during DEAR time today.

IMG_5399 IMG_5400 IMG_5401

We started our first grade memory book that we will be working on throughout the year. This will be sent home at the end of the year.

FullSizeRender 37

Kids brought home the student handbook tonight. Please sign the white piece of paper and return it ASAP.

FullSizeRender 38

We read this story and discussed Big Size Problems and Kid Size Problems.

Monday August 14, 2017

Today was a fabulous day!

IMG_5316Meet the first grade teachers this year.


We started the day off by coloring two pages. We will hang the helmets up in the hallway.


We played a game this morning with the big bouncy ball. The person with the ball said their name and one thing they did this summer or something they are looking forward to this year.


We discussed the carpet rules. They thought we should change procedures to rules 😉


We read the book First Day Jitters and discussed how everyone was feeling today. Then we made a craft to go along with the book while drinking Jitter Juice.


Students picked three books from our class library to put into their book bags. We will have DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time every day after lunch.


We will have Ketchup and Pickle time everyday except Wednesday. This is time for students to catch up on work they haven’t finished or pick something to do from the When I’m Done Board. They need to be finished with all their work by Friday in order to have Friday Free Time.


We already got to celebrate two birthdays today. Cayden turned 7 on Thursday and Bodde turned 7 yesterday.


I’m so excited to get to know each one of these amazing kiddos this year!

Tuesday April 25, 2017


Students practiced the counting on strategy today.


To help students work on writing complete sentences I gave them a funny picture and they had to write a statement, question, and exclamation to go with it.


We made a cloud book to go along with the 4 types of clouds we learned about yesterday.

Monday April 17, 2017


Max and Landrie were our VIPs today.


Our phonics skill this week is the -ou sound like in mouse.


In math we worked on the building method to solve 2 digit addition. The students were working on seeing that a number is made up of a group of tens and some ones. They will add the tens first and then the ones. For example, 45+28 would be solved by adding 60+13.


We learned the last type of sentence, exclamations. Students did a good job giving me examples with a lot of feeling in their voices.

Tuesday April 11, 2017


Students worked on showing different money amounts using ten sticks and ones. Then they made a new ten to help them add two numbers. This is getting them reading for two digit addition.


Our last type of poetry was simile. First I gave the students three skittles and had them compare them to something else. For example, “This skittle is as red as a strawberry.” Then I read a very silly book called, My Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil. We wrote simile poems about ourselves and then drew pictures to show the similes.

Monday April 11, 2017

FullSizeRender 29

This week’s skill is the -ow sound like in cow.


In math, we worked on showing different ways to make money amounts. In this picture, Grace is working on showing different ways to make 30 cents.


We are close to be done with our poetry unit. We have learned how to write all different kinds of poems including shape, haiku, and cinquain. Today’s poem was alliteration. This type of poem has two are more words close together that start with the same letter. Students worked on writing ice cream flavors using alliterations.


This year we have already learned two types of sentences, question and statement. Today we learned one more, command.


Students are learning about air in science right now. Today we made parachutes using napkins and strings. Students tested out the parachutes.