Thursday December 7, 2017

Thursday December 6, 2017


We finished our St. Lucia crowns. St. Lucia Day is a holiday celebrated in Sweden on December 13th. The oldest daughter dresses in a white robe and a crown made of evergreen trees and candles and serves her parents breakfast. Who knows, maybe you will get breakfast in bed! We can all dream right?


Each student brought home a password card. They can use this to sign onto exact path. This website can be found on the Reeder website under first grade. It helps the students practice skills they will see on their MAP test.


Carson and I had our coffee date yesterday. He is excited for his trip to Colorado.


We got into the holiday season with some reindeer and Christmas music.


We worked on showing different money amounts with coins.

December 7, 2017


Today starts our 12 Days of Christmas. Only 12 school days left before break!


We learned how to hook our readers with the first sentence of our writing. Students came up with their own hook sentence and shared with a friend before adding it to their graphic organizer.

IMG_7041 IMG_7042

We made some beautiful Christmas trees with our names.


Landon and I had our coffee date. He told me about visiting Santa and helped me figure out what to ask Santa to bring Easton.


Noah and Bodde were our VIPs.


We read about Christmas trees in the past and present and compared the two.


We worked on our action verbs by writing them on a Christmas tree we created.


We visited our next country in our Christmas around the World unit. We will finish learning about Germany tomorrow.


Tuesday December 5, 2017


During our guided reading groups, students read a book at their level and we discussed it as a group.


Reese and I had a coffee date. She told me all about where her elf, Snowy, has been.


Students worked with each other on sorting out words that have a y that makes the i or e sound.


We learned about a new website we will be using in reading and math stations. It is geared towards the individual skills students need. Soon I will be sending home the passwords so that students can play the games at home.


In math, we discussed what we know about the quarter and reviewed what we know about the dime.


We traveled to our first country, Scandinavia, which is actually a group of countries. Ask your kids a fun fact they learned about Christmas in Scandinavia.

Monday December 4, 2017


Josey and I had our coffee date today. She told me all about her dog and puppy.

IMG_7014 IMG_7016

This week we are working on the letter y. It is sneaky when at the end of the word. It steals the sounds of i and e.


Mrs. White came in to talk about problem solving today. Students reviewed how to use their I message instead of yelling or using their hands.

Not Pictured:

Writing: We added transition words to our stories. Transition words move the reader from one idea to the next.

Math: We talked about how to use our knowledge of tens and ones in everyday situations.

Wednesday November 30, 2017

IMG_6969 2

McKinley and Carson were our VIPs.

IMG_6973 2IMG_6974

We worked on math problems that cross over a decade. Decade numbers are the numbers you say when counting by tens. When we cross over a decade sometimes first graders have a hard time remembering which decade comes next. We solved these problems with different strategies such as counting on out loud and drawing ten sticks and ones.

IMG_6975 2

Jayelan and I had our coffee date. She told me all about what she did for Thanksgiving. There were 39 people at her Thanksgiving!


Next week we will start our 12 days of Christmas countdown. Each day will have a theme and activities to go along with that theme throughout the day. Please see the note I sent home regarding the candy candy day next Friday.


For art we pulled out our paint shirts and painted. We also did a directed drawing of an owl and tore construction paper to cover the owl. The end result was fantastic. I will post the final picture next time.

Tuesday November 28, 2017

IMG_6962 2

Leevi and I had our coffee date today. He told me all about the Christmas trees he has in his house.

IMG_6963 2

Brielle and Mayzee were our VIPs today.

IMG_6964 2

During phonics, we did a journal entry to work on the long e sound.

IMG_6965 2IMG_6966 2IMG_6967

For math today we talked about the similarities and differences between addition problems like 6+2, 60+20 and 60+2.

Monday November 27, 2017

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Jayelan and McKinley were our VIPs today.


Cayden and I had a coffee date. He told me all about his fun, long weekend.

IMG_6958 2IMG_6955 2

Our spelling skill this week is the long e.

IMG_6959 2

We started our Christmas Around the World unit. We will visit 9 destinations over the next few weeks to learn about what other countries celebrate.

Not Pictured:

Writing: We started adding details to the beginning, middle, and end of our story.

Whole Group Reading: We dug deeper into our story, The Birthday Surprise. We discussed the major events of the story, asked questions about the text, and determined it was a fiction story.

Math: We worked on adding 1 and 10 to 2 digit numbers. When adding 1 to a number the ones digit changes. Ex: 35+1=36. When adding 10 to a number, the tens digit changes. Ex: 35+10=45

Grammar: We reviewed what a noun is and used them in a sentences.

Monday November 20, 2017

IMG_6856 3

During writing students used their story hand to tell their small moment story. Then they wrote 1 sentence each to tell the beginning, middle, and end. We do a lot of sharing during writing time.


I sent home book orders on Friday. If you didn’t get one please let me know. I have an extra that didn’t get put in mailboxes.

IMG_6858 2

Mayzee and I had our coffee date. She is excited to train her dog for a contest he will be in soon.

IMG_6859 2IMG_6860 2

We took a math quiz today. I graded them and sent them home if the students got them all right. I will be working with students to fix any errors they had. We talked about how problems like 2+3=5 can help us solve 20+30=50. We think of it as 2 tens plus 3 tens equals 5 tens.

IMG_6861 2

We thought about things we are thankful for. We will use this to do a writing activity tomorrow.