Tuesday February 21, 2017


I sent home directions for you all to get signed up for Class DOJO. I am so excited to get started with this. I am going to do a practice run with students tomorrow and we will start officially on Thursday. This is what we are going to use instead of our ticket system. Keep in mind that your kiddos will sometimes make a “Needs Work” choice and lose points. Talk with them about their choices each night and focus on the positives.

img_3596 img_3597

Students learned about congruent and 3D shapes today. For shapes to be congruent they need to be the same size and same shape. Have your kiddos find some objects around the house tonight and tell you what 3D shape they are.

img_3598 img_3599

Brady and Addy are working hard in their reading small groups.


Our skill for the week is the long a sound. (ai and ay)

img_3602 img_3603

We started our Eggsperiment today during science. Thank you to everyone who sent in donations. Our science questions is, “How do different liquids effect our teeth?” Each student made a hypothesis for what liquid they think will hurt their teeth the most. We put the eggs in the liquids and will wait a week. We will observe the eggs after a week.


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