Tuesday January 31, 2017

Reminder: Valentine’s Day Boxes are due Monday February 6th. Remember to sign up for a conference time on pickatime.com


Students brought in $9.10 in nickels today. Dimes are tomorrow.


Evan and Landrie jumped different amounts and then we graphed it using our stair steps. We asked comparing questions about the graph and other students answered them. We said things like “Evan jumped 3 more times than Landrie,” and “Landrie jumped 3 fewer times than Evan.”

img_3328 img_3332

We took our priority words test today. We had 6 students move on to second grade words! Almost everyone in the class improved! I will be sharing these at conferences.


We reread our -er, -ir, and -ur words from yesterday. Then students used the super words in sentences.


We finished up our February writing samples today. I can already tell the students have improved! I can’t wait to look at them further and share them with you at conferences.


We did a linking verbs worksheet as a class for grammar.


In science, students learned about the different properties we can use to describe liquids. The properties are transparent, translucent, bubbly, viscous, foamy, and has color. Student helpers came to the front, secretly chose a property, showed two liquids that had the property, and then the class had to guess the secret property. They did a really great job at this.


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