Wednesday January 25, 2017


The class filled up their behavior puzzle and earned themselves another class party. They can bring their stuffed animal to school tomorrow. Only one animal, needs to fit in their backpack and not make noise.

img_3279 img_3280

Students worked on describing their monsters during writing time today.


Max’s small group learned a new phonics skill today. When the letter s, f, or l end a word after a short vowel then it needs a bonus letter. Max is building the word huff. Some other examples are miss, cuff, and fell. Of course there are some exceptions because the english language likes to keep us on our toes. Some common exceptions are yes and bus.


We talked about the artist/author Eric Carle today. We learned about how Carle first paints tissue paper and then cuts pieces from that to make a collage for his pictures. Students worked on groups today to paint paper either green, blue, or orange. We will piece together our winter scenes tomorrow.


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