Tuesday January 10, 2017


Mrs. Kozak is starting to read the Golden Sower nominees in library. The students will hear the 10 nominees and will then get to vote on their favorite.


In math today, students drew money amounts using the fewest amount of coins. They then took a quick quiz. I looked over them and sent them home if they got them all right. I will work on fixing those who need help.

img_3209During small groups, students reread the story from yesterday and then wrote about the beginning, middle, and end in their notebooks.


We worked on some sentences to practice the verb and subject agreement. If the subject is just one who/what then you add an -s to the verb. If the subject is I, you, or more than one then you do not add an -s.


During whole group reading, I read a story called Pinkalicious and we worked on the SWBS (Somebody wanted but so). This is a quick way to summarize the story.


For social studies, we watched a movie about MLK Jr. and then talked about what he was, had, and wanted. Before the movie, I asked students if they knew why we had Monday off and they weren’t sure. Hopefully they are able to tell you why now.


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