Tuesday December 13, 2016


Today was Santa Day for our 12 days of Christmas. For math we played a santa roll, add, and color game. For reading, we learned all about what Santa Clause Around the World. The students learned that not every kid waits for Santa Claus to come on Christmas Eve. Children in different countries wait for a different ‘special person’ to come. We read and wrote about France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, and England. Then the students had a race to draw Santa Claus while we listen to Santa music. The students were split into 3 teams. One person from each team would pull out a part of santa and draw it.

img_2918 img_2919

On our holidays around the world journey we learned about France. We learned that families in France enjoy a dessert called Buche de Noel. We enjoyed some Buche de Noels while coming up with our own desserts.


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