Monday December 5, 2016


Here are our spelling words for the week. Our skill is the tricky y. It steals the sound of e and i.


During math, students practiced adding ones to a 2 digit number. Then they played a math game in partner groups to practice numbers before and after.


For grammar, students learned about verbs. I gave them all a word that was either a verb or a noun. They had to decide if it was a verb and then glue it onto the Vicky Verb poster.


This is one of the phonics skills we are working on this week.


Not Pictured:

  • Reading: We will be reading the story, An Egg is an Egg. It is about how things change. We read and discussed the story this afternoon. We also took our Unit 2 benchmark test. This test was over all the things learned in Unit 2. It covers comprehension, high frequency words, phonics, and grammar.
  • Unit Studies: We made our suitcases for our Holidays Around the World trip. We will visit Sweden tomorrow.

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