Monday November 28, 2016


Our classroom elf, Vincent, came from the North Pole today with Elf Kisses for the kids. Now is starting up the very busy season and we will have a ton of fun activities to do. Vincent is here to keep a watch on how the kids handle the activities and then report back to Santa each night. He also brought Elf Diaries and a behavior system for us to use. Each day the kids will find Vincent in our classroom, draw a picture of what he is doing, and write about it. Vincent has also put me in charge of watching out for ‘Elf’tastic behavior. If the students fill up all the cubes by the last day of school before break, then I will make pancakes for them.


During math, we played a game called One Hundred Ants. Students used their number path to add numbers and find the new total.


Our spelling skill this week is the long e.


During science, we learned about sound energy. We brainstormed all kinds of things that make sound.

Not Pictured:

  • Reading: We read our weekly story, Honey Bees. Ask your kids what they learned about honey bees.
  • Small Groups: Each group will be reading a story about Dirt Bikes today and tomorrow.
  • Grammar: We worked on using nouns in our sentences.

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