Thursday November 17, 2016

Reminder: tomorrow is Turkey Bingo. It is also the last day to bring in donations for Project Wee Care.


During our math quick practice grade led the class in finding number partners.


We listened to the story, “Life in the Forest” and answered comprehension questions about it.


Students read a story about Pandas during small group today.


These are the kids’ art from yesterday. They came up with some very creative turkeys 🙂


Not pictured:

  • During writing, we learned about transition words. I read a book called Big Al and every time the students heard a transition word they held up their hand and I wrote it on the board. I gave them a list of transition words to add to their writing notebooks. Then they added transition words to their writing piece.
  • During math, students used stair steps to show that equations like 7+5 is the same as 10+2.
  • During science, students watched a movie about magnets. We will discuss these more next week.

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