Tuesday November 15, 2016

img_2712 img_2713

We are reading Life in the Forest this week. We watched a brainpop jr about forests to extend our learning. Then we discussed what forests have, are, and can. To end the lesson students drew a picture of the forest and wrote about the forest. We will hang these in the hallway to teach others about the forest.


Some students played “I have, who has” with short vowels during small groups.


Other students reread their story from yesterday and discussed why the author wrote the story.


In grammar, students worked with a partner to math words and picture that meant one and more than one.


During social studies, we talked more about what schools were like long ago compared to now. Students drew pictures of things long ago and now.

Not Pictured:

  • During writing, students planned out a beginning, middle, and end for a small moment.
  • Students checked out new books today in library. Please remember to return the books every Tuesday so that the students can get new ones.
  • Two of my small groups work on their phonics skills every day. They are learning so much and showing that they are improving.

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