Monday November 14, 2016


During unit 4, students will be working with groups of ten. Today, students worked on making teen numbers. They learned that teen numbers are all made up of 1 ten and some extra ones.


Spelling words this week are using the long u sound.


During small groups, Evan and others worked on words with short vowels.


Students read a story and worked on comprehension skills.


The grammar skill this week is one and more than one noun. Students wrote sentences with singular and plural nouns.


Landrie was our Husker prediction winner! She got the exact score right!


Not pictured:

  • In writing, we are beginning to talk about the beginning, middle, and end of our stories when we are planning them out.
  • In reading, we read and discussed this week’s story, “Life in the Forest.”
  • In social studies, we are beginning to talk about schools long ago.

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