Tuesday November 8, 2016

There was a lot of election buzz around the school today. If you haven’t yet, good luck getting out to vote. Tomorrow, the students can wear blue for family groups. Friday, students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue to honor our veterans.

img_2652We took our chapter 3 math test. I am anxious to see how the kids did. It was a long one and they did a good job sitting through it.

img_2654 img_2655

During small groups, Ryan and other students worked on building and writing words.


All students reread their book from yesterday and then sequenced the story.


Spencer and other students worked on writing the events of the story in order.


Ryan was our Husker prediction winner this week. There weren’t too many close to the right score. Who knew it would be a complete shut out!! Iowa and Ohio St. fans, try not to let your smile show too much 🙂


Our comprehension skill this week is sequence. I read a story called, Happy Thanksgiving, and then we sequenced the events.

img_2661 img_2663

Our grammar skill this week is capital letters. We completed an anchor chart as a class and then worked on an activity together.


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