Tuesday October 25, 2016

img_2464The students had a sub yesterday and it was very nice to come back to see all these great things they did while I was gone. When she caught students making good choices she wrote it down and put it on this poster.


Students did a ghost writing today based off of the story “Ghost’s Dinner.” They wrote about having a ghost over for dinner and whatever they fed them, the ghost turned that color. They got pretty creative!

img_2470 img_2473img_2471

We learned about the magic e today. The e tells the vowel before it to say it’s name. We used the magic e wand to help us say new words. Then the students did a long/short a word sort.


We attended the 4th grade music program this afternoon. They did a great job!


During grammar, students learned about proper nouns. They wrote a proper noun on a post it and then put it on our poster.


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