Monday October 17, 2016


Tomorrow is pajama day for the United Way Fundraiser. Today was career day. These students dressed up like what they wanted to be later on in life.

Landrie- Jewelry Seller

Sidney- Teacher

Brady- Work at the Nebraska Humane Society

Katie- Astronaut

Grace- Softball Player

Jenna- Veterinarian

Sam- Football Player

Evan- Fireman

Max- Baseball Player

Nora- Author

Ella- Vetterinarian


Here are this week’s spelling words. The skill is -th and -sh digraph.

img_2367 img_2368

I read Alexander  and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Then the students wrote about a bad day they have had. We are getting into our narrative writing unit. During this unit students will learn to write stories about things that have happened to them. Nora wrote about a time she sprained her ankle while playing a game.


Students worked on solving word problems today during math. They could choose to use a math mountain or circles with a break apart line to help them solve it.


During phonics, students learned about Theo and Shane. These brothers are going to help us remember the different digraph sounds.


Students worked on the different digraph sounds and read a book in small group.


During grammar, students talked about what a noun is. Then I gave them a picture card that they placed in the correct spot on the poster. They did a really great job at this.


During science, students learned about the life cycle of a frog. We watched a Brainpop Jr. and then discussed the different phases. To end the lesson, students made their own lifecycle spinner to add to their science notebook.



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