Tuesday October 11, 2016


Next week we will have spirit days. A flyer went home tonight.


We started Unit 3 today in math. We will be using Math Mountains instead of fact families as you may have heard in the past. I sent home a letter explaining how we will use them. The students did really good with them today!


Thank you to these three who brought in books from the book fair to put in our class library! I read all of them to the class today.


The students took a Unit 1 Reading test today. This covered all of the skills they learned in the first 6 stories.


I read the book “From Seed to Pumpkin” then we watched a pumpkin time lapse video. To finish the activity, the students created their own pumpkin life cycle.


We took our pumpkins outside and rolled them to see who’s could go the farthest. The students hypothesized which size they thought would go the farthest.


We ended the day with our pumpkin tasting. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to send in items for them to try. They tried seeds, cookies, bread, and pie while watching Charlie Brown’s Pumpkin.


After the students tried all the items they used a pumpkin to vote for their favorite pumpkin item. Then students filled in their own graph to show the results of our class vote.


Madalyn bought “Share your talent” from the class. She’s a great jump roper!


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