Monday October 10, 2016

In writing, students learned the last step of the writing process, publishing. I walked around and conferenced with some students who were then able to move onto the publishing. We are going to move onto narrative tomorrow.

In math, I worked with small groups of students to do a little reteaching. While I was doing this other students went into math stations. They love being able to play the math games.


We started all of our pumpkin activities this afternoon. I read the book, “How many seeds in a pumpkin?” Then students got to estimate how many they thought were in my pumpkin I brought for the class. Next, I carved open the pumpkin and dug out all the seeds. I put them into groups of ten and we counted them as a class. We put the groups of 10 into groups of 100. We finally had our total, 680 seeds! Ty was the closest predictor.


While I dug out all the seeds, students drew their own jack o’ lantern.


Then I read the book, “Pumpkin Heads!” We described the pumpkins that we read about. Then students described the pumpkins I had drawn on my poster. Next, they got to create their own pumpkin. To finish, students wrote about their pumpkin.


We spent the afternoon investigating our pumpkins. Students filled out an entire investigation booklet about their pumpkin. They used words to describe it, they measured it, talked about the different parts, and explained the life cycle. Thank you for sending in the pumpkins. We are going to do one more activity with them tomorrow.


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