Tuesday October 4, 2016

Wear green for family groups tomorrow. The character trait we will be learning about is responsibility.


Brady was our Husker prediction winner!


Students worked on a writing piece today that I will be grading and showing you at conferences. Students wrote about something that makes them happy.


This note was sent home today. Please send students will a mini pumpkin on Monday.


Our comprehension skill this week is Cause and Effect.


Small Group- All groups worked on writing words with sh and th. They also read a book and answered comprehension questions, focusing on the cause and effect skill.


Small group- working on letter sounds.


Students did a sentence sort in grammar today to work on telling and asking sentences. Then they wrote sentences of their own.


We moved on to our 3rd chapter in social studies today which is “Why are School Rules Important?” First students had to think of one rule they have to follow at home and then draw it. We talked about why it’s important to have those rules. Then we played a game. At first I divided them into teams, gave them an object and told them the faster team would win, Go! They all looked at me with confused faces. We talked about why the game was so hard and realized that there weren’t any rules. They said it was hard to play the game without rules. Then I gave them rules and they played the game. They decided the game with rules was a lot better.


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