Monday October 3, 2016

Can you believe it’s October already!! Holy Smokes! Bring on the pumpkin everything!


Here are the spelling lists for the week. The skills are short u and final blends.


Students continued to work on writing subtraction equations and coming up with math stories. They had to prove how they knew if the equation was true or not. At the end, we took a quick quiz. These are not used for grading purposes. They are to help me see who has mastered the concept and who still needs help. I sent these home today if the students got them all right.


One activity students worked on in small groups is the sound sh and th. I hear a lot of students saying the f sound for th. We talked about what our mouth looks like when saying the different sounds. When saying /f/ our teeth are on our bottom lip. When saying /th/ our tongue is in between our teeth.


We worked on saying words with the short u sound during phonics.


We learned about asking sentences today. I told students question words and they got to use the words to begin a question and ask me anything they wanted. They got pretty silly 🙂

Then students worked in partner groups to sort out telling and asking sentences. To end grammar, students worked independently on a telling vs. asking worksheet.


We watched a brainpopjr about deserts. Then students explored deserts on PebbleGo. To end science, students wrote one thing they learned about deserts in their habitats book.


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