Monday September 26, 2016



Thank you so much for supporting this year’s Reeder Elementary School Fun Run!The program was a huge success and I know everyone had a lot of fun. There’s a little more left to do.

As a class, we raised $2251.50 However, we need your help collecting all our pledges. Our goal is to collect 100% of all pledges by 09/29/2016.

Please encourage your student to thank all sponsors. Pledges can be paid by cash, check or credit card online on

If an email address was entered with the original pledge on, your sponsor will receive an email reminder to fulfill their pledge. If not, they can mail cash or check to you and you can send it all into the school with your child’s collection envelope.

Thank you again for your support! Let me know if you have questions.


We started learning about the writing process today. There are 6 steps that students will follow from start to finish. This will help them write the best story they can write. The first step is prewriting. Students helped me prewrite about the fun run on Friday. I quickly sketched a picture and then put everything I could think of about the fun run on a web. Then students had a chance to do their own prewriting on any topic they wanted.


During math today, students practiced the counting on skill by doing the number quilt activity. They picked a card, solved the equation by counting on, and then put the card on the correct total.


One of the phonics skills this week is short e. The spelling lists when home tonight.


Small Group- Working on the letter sounds


Small Group- sorting pictures by the short e sound.


Small Group- This group read their book and then wrote one way it was realistic fiction. (made up story that could really happy)


In grammar this week students are learning about what a telling sentence is. This is a sentence that tells something and ends in a period. Students did a telling sentence scramble.


Nora bought “share your talent” from the class store. She is quite the hula hooper!


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