Thursday September 22, 2016


Here is October’s volunteer calendar. It went home today. If you would like to be added please let me know!


Wow you were all busy getting pledges last night! Final count as of 4:00 today was $68!! Students will earn double Friday Free Time tomorrow and a movie day sometime next week. They enjoyed their stuffed animal day today. They also enjoyed 5 minutes of extra recess time playing with the toys we won as a class. Madalyn won the school challenge last night and won the sports cam!!


I read the story, Exclamation Mark, to the students. It was a great book and the kids loved it! It showed when we use a period, questions mark, and exclamation mark. Then we finished talking about SWAG sentences. Students then had time to work on writing SWAG sentences in their writing notebooks.


Students continued practicing counting on in math today. We played a game to help students write addition equations.


We listened to our story, A Fox and a Kit, and then wrote 1 detail from the story.


In phonics, students worked on adding the -ing inflected ending to base words to make a new word.


Students practiced writing their letters, telling the sounds of letters, and naming letters.


All small groups read a story about our 5 senses. Then we discussed the main idea and details of the book.


We did another sentence scramble today to work on correct word order.


To end the day we researched the forest habitat on PebbleGo. Students wrote one fact they found in their habitat book.


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