Tuesday September 20. 2016

Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day!! Great job getting those pledges!


We continued to practice the counting on strategy in math today. Students tried three different ways to count on.

  1. write the number and draw the dots
  2. draw the dots above the second number
  3. use your fingers


These were my wonderful lunch dates today!


Our comprehension strategy is main idea this week. We first watched a Brainpopjr about main idea and then discussed the main idea and details of our story, A Fox and a Kit. Then I read a short story to give us some more practice finding the main idea.


Students practiced the phonics skill, inflected ending -s. They worked in pairs to combine a base word and a -s ending to make a new word.


Small Group- practicing the short o sound by sorting out words with and without short o.


Small Group- All groups reread their story from yesterday and discussed it.


Some of my groups worked in their literacy notebooks to find the main idea and details of their story.


Students practiced their grammar skill, correct word order. They did a sentence scramble and worked on writing complete sentences. Students are having trouble remembering to use a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end. We will keep practicing that.


For science we will be learning about 4 different habitats. We learned about our first one today, forests. They watched a brainpop jr first and then told me things they learned.


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