Monday September 19, 2016

How ’bout them Huskers!! What a game this weekend. On a funny note, how ’bout them Hawkeyes!! Sorry Iowa fans, I couldn’t help myself!


Thank you to everyone who has been getting pledges for our school! The students have earned enough to have pajama day tomorrow. The challenge tonight is to get the most pledges out of all the K-2 classes. If we have the most NEW pledges the students will get a recess kit and 5 minutes of extra recess.


We learned strategies for how to spell tricky words during writing time. Then the students had time to look through their word book that will become a very used resource in writing this year.


Here are the lists for the week. The skill this week is inflected endings -s and -ing. Test on Friday.


Bentley was our Husker score winner! He had Oregon’s score exact.


Students worked on problems on the board and at their seat. They explained their thinking and found out there are many different ways to solve problems. We then talked about which way is the faster way, counting on. We started from the bigger number and counted on more.


Our story this week is, A Fox and a Kit. Our comprehension skill is, main idea. What is the story mostly about?


All reading groups started on their new story for the week. Thank you to everyone for completing their snack and chat story this weekend. I will send home the book we read today in this week’s snack and chat.

img_2002 img_2003

This week’s grammar skill is word order. Students worked on putting a sentence in the correct word order for it to make sense. I did one with the class and then students did one individually.


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