Friday September 16, 2016


We have a new quick practice activity during our unit 2 math. Two students write a number on the board and draw it with circles. Then the class tells if the number is more than or less than the other number.


Students practiced drawing out math stories that I told them. Then they practiced writing just the number sentence without drawing the circles first. They drew circles after they wrote the number sentence to see if it was indeed equal. They found out on the last one that I was trying to trick them. Good reminder to check their work. At the end of math students took a quick quiz to show me what they know. I checked these and sent them home unless I need to do a bit of reteaching with the student.


I graded and sent home the spelling tests. Remember to keep practicing every night.


Small Groups- practicing letter sounds.


Small Group- practicing writing short o words.


Small Group- reading a story about Digging for Worms. img_1949

Small Group- Playing a letter sound game.


Small Group- Sorting out short o words based off of their ending sounds and then writing the words.


On Fridays the students work on one word from their first grade priority words list. I will be testing the kids on this in a couple weeks and will have the results at conferences for you. Please continue to practice these with students. I’m excited to see the improvement!


During grammar, students wrote two sentences. They kept the same subject for the sentences, but changed the predicate which changed the meaning of the sentence.


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