Thursday September 15, 2016


Our writing lesson was “Story Talks” today. I used Tomie DePaola’s wordless book, Pancakes for Breakfast. I modeled to students the difference between telling a story and just telling parts. They agreed that telling a story was much more interesting. Then they turned and told a story to their knee partner. They had so much detail in their stories. We talked about how this is what they should be doing on their paper.


Our math lesson gave the kids some trouble today. I introduced the words equals, equation, and number sentence. Then we practiced writing some equations from a math story about teddy bears. Then I had them come to the board in pairs to write an equation together. This is the part that gave them trouble. We practiced a lot and then broke for lunch. A break was what they needed because when they came back they got it. We will be practicing this much more to make sure they have a good foundation.


We listened to our story, The Big Blue Ox and then did a journal entry about the characters, setting, and favorite part.


One of the many things we did in small groups was practiced writing cvc words (consonant-vowel-consonant). Cvc words all have short vowel sounds. All groups read a book and discussed it. Look for the snack and chat canvas bag coming home tomorrow with their book in it.


Our second phonics skill is adding -s to show more than one. We did a singular and plural word sort together.


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