Tuesday September 13, 2016


We started unit 2 in math today. Students acted out math stories, drew the stories with pictures, and told math stories. We talked about the word, add.


Students had library today. If they forgot to bring back their library books please have them return them tomorrow.


I gave students a short o word, they sounded the word out, and wrote it on their lolly pop. They did a great job sounding out each sound.


Some groups worked on sorting pictures based off of the vowel sound they heard. All groups read their story from yesterday. We discussed comprehension skills such as problem/solution, character/setting, and sequence.


Some groups wrote down the characters from their book, drew the setting, and wrote their favorite part of the book.


We returned to a student pleaser activity, Silly Sentences. The students worked together to make sure their sentences had a subject and predicate.


We started chapter 2 in social studies which is, “Why is it important to learn from each other?” Students answered questions about themselves and then interviewed classmates to see if they were the same or different as them. They had to say “Hello,” shake hands, and then ask the question. We learned that there are students in our class who have the same and different interests.


Max shared what he did with Herbie this last weekend. He was busy! He took him to the Husker game, went on a helicopter ride, and a go cart.


Colin was our Husker prediction winner!


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