Monday September 12, 2016

Get excited for the upcoming Fun Run we are having here at Reeder. We will be having an assembly to tell the kids all about it on Wednesday. You will see information coming home with them after the assembly.


The next spelling list went home tonight. Please have your kids study this week so that they are ready for our test on Friday. The skill is short o this week. List B has our other skill of adding -s to show more than one. This can change the sound of the word. For example, students might hear locks, and want to put lox.


I read the story Rocket Writes a Story for our mentor text today. Then we talked about writing from our hearts. I made a heart map of the things I love and then the students got started on their own heart maps that will go in their writer’s workshop notebook. They will need more time on this.


I worked in a couple small groups with students to practice some math skills. Look for their math tests coming home this week.


We read and discussed the story, The Big Blue Ox. Our comprehension skill this week is Character and Setting.

img_1878 img_1886

Students wrote their spelling words in their reading street notebooks and then we discussed the sound the short o makes. See if your kids can read through the words on the poster.


A couple weeks ago we talked about what the subject of a sentence is (the who or what). This week we will be talking about the predicate of the sentence (what the subject is or does). Students came up with predicates for the subjects we wrote last time. Then they wrote their own sentences and boxed the predicate.


For science the students painted pet rocks. I braved the paint again and it went better ;). Then they wrote in their science notebooks how they knew it was a not real and what they were going to do to take care of it. They realized that it didn’t need much since it is nonliving. Then we discussed how they knew it was nonliving.


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