Thursday September 8, 2016

Don’t forget to send a sack lunch tomorrow. We will be leaving school at 10 and returning around 2:30. Dress appropriately for the weather.


We reread our farm story from the week and picked out details to support the main idea. Every student came up with a detail and then we wrote 5 of them down.


We are nearing the end of the 1st math unit. Students got to design a picture using shapes and then we analyzed the pictures of three students. Then we took a practice test. I am going to look over these and see if there is anyone who needs some more support. If there are any students who need more practice I will work with them next week before moving on to unit 2.


Students wrote down one piece of schema on a post it and stuck it on our chicken poster.


Then students made inferences about why chickens peck the ground. After we read the story we talked about the real reason.


We  also moved our schema over to new learning or misconception. I’m truly amazed how well students have done this week while learning about farms.


I gave the students 6 animal research options. Then I pulled sticks and let them choose which animal they wanted to research. Then they got into groups to find information about their animal in books and on the ipad.


They did a great job presenting what they learned. I will hang these up in the hallway.


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