Wednesday September 7, 2016

Field Trip Information: bring a sack lunch and wear appropriate clothes/shoes. Rain or shine we will be there.


Our class had the most kids go to YoYo Berri Night last week! They all won a free medium island ice. I gave them their certificate today.

fullsizerender-27    fullsizerender-29

I absolutely loved this and had to share. Ella M. and Ty made this book at daycare yesterday. How awesome that they took the initiative to create a book to show what they know!

img_1743     img_1750img_1745            img_1744

Today we talked about numbers that are “1 more” and “1 less.” Students made their own posters while I made mine. Then they took a quick quiz. I sent them home today unless I need to work a bit more with them.


We reread our farm story from yesterday and then answered comprehension questions about them.


Then students wrote one thing they know about cows on a post it and put it on the schema poster.


I then gave the students time to explore cows on PebbleGo.


Today was a chocolate eating kind of day 😉  I think this was all due to the fact that I broke out the tempera paint. Oh man it was a madhouse in Mrs. Robinson’s class this afternoon!! But, with that madhouse we got some pretty amazing art. Students first drew a cow, then chose to paint their cow with cool or warm colors.


Sidney shared what she did with Herbie Husker this weekend. She had a sleepover and watched the Husker game and then went to Grandpa and Grandma’s in Iowa.


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