Tuesday September 6, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We spent Saturday in Lincoln cheering on the Huskers and Sunday at the lake. It was full of family time, which I can’t get enough of! This week is a short week with Labor Day and the field trip on Friday so first grade is learning all about farms. There will not be a spelling or reading test this week. This also means I won’t be sending home a snack and chat since we won’t be meeting in our small groups.


Grace won the Husker pencil for having the closest Husker score prediction!


In math we found the equal partners for the numbers 6, 8, and 10. These numbers have what’s called a double. For ex: 3+3=6, 4+4=8, and 5+5=10. Students picked one of the numbers (6,8,10) and drew the double to represent the number. I had some students go to the front and show their drawing. The class had to tell what number they chose and how they knew. This got us ready to learn about even and odd numbers. We will use our Even Steven and Odd Todd poster to help us.


We had library today. Remember to bring back library books every Tuesday.


To get our brains thinking about farms I asked students these questions.


Then we read a story about farms. We will read this story three times this week and do different activities each time we read it. Today we talked about the vocabulary words. (farmer, crops, tractor, dairy, barn, coop, pen, harvest, silo, organic) See if your child can tell you what one of the words means.


We learned all about pigs today. Before we got started I wanted to know what schema (background knowledge) students already had. They wrote one thing about pigs on a post it and put it on the poster.


Then the students made inferences about why pigs roll in the mud. I wrote all answers down on the poster. After we read the story we wrote what we found to be true.


After we read the story about pigs we divided up our schema into new learning and misconceptions. We corrected our misconceptions on the post its.


To end the day students had time to explore pigs on the website PebbleGo. Together we wrote what pigs can, have, and are. Then the students wrote one fact about pigs. I was very impressed will all of the facts they came up with! Ask you child what they learned about pigs today.


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