Friday September 2, 2016

Happy Friday! Today is the best kind of Friday. The Friday before the first football game! GBR! – and as I’m typing this I’m realizing I completely forgot to send home the snack and chat bags. Free weekend!!



IMG_1662  IMG_1667

We took our spelling test today. I graded them and sent them home.


Students used number cards to show me specific numbers as I called them out. Then we worked on learning more about the numbers 6-10. Students found out that these numbers can be shown as a group of 5 and more ones. Then they came up with number stories. Check out the videos on my Facebook group.


Before phonics we took the reading test for the story, Pig in a Wig. Then students did an activity with the short vowel i.


All groups reread their story from yesterday.


A couple groups worked on making complete stories and telling what the subject is.


Today was our first counseling lesson from Mrs. White. Students talked about being a bucket filler instead of being a bucket dipper. They should have brought home a blue packet of information.


Every Friday before a Husker game we will do some activities. We learned about the opposing team and the state they are from. We listen to their fight song and then sing our fight song. Lastly, students make a prediction for what the score will be. Whoever gets closest to the actual score will win a Husker pencil.


Our Friday folders are finally here! They look a bit different from last year and will need to be handle a bit more careful. Please look through and empty them and then send back every Monday.


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