Thursday September 1, 2016

Wow, what a day! For those of you who don’t know, today is my birthday. The kids made me feel so incredibly special. I got so many happy birthday hugs! This smile on my face is going to last a long time!





I read another story about writing what you know and and from the heart. Then we talked about what to do when they feel like they are done. They glued the three options into their writing notebook and then wrote for 16 minutes!


We broke apart the number 10 using our stair step 10 and break apart sticks. Then we played some math games including Melon Monster and Number Grabber. We also took a quick 3 question quiz to give me an idea on what students are mastering. I will be working with the students who need a little more help tomorrow.


We listened to our story, Pig in a Wig, one more time and then students wrote one way the story is fantasy. Then they got to color their pig. I love how Bentley colored a wig on his 🙂


We worked on writing short i words in all groups today. IMG_1643

Some groups started reading a book called, Friends.

IMG_1644  IMG_1645

Our second phonics skill this week is the final x sound. I read the silly story Fox in Socks. One of my favorites! Then we thought of words that have the final x sound and wrote them on socks.


For grammar we read some words to decide if they were a sentence or fragment.


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