Wednesday August 31, 2016

YoYo Berri night is tonight!


Sidney is being the quick practice leader this week.IMG_1597IMG_1598IMG_1599IMG_1600

We found all the partners of 9 using our stair step 9 and break apart stick. We also found the switch partners. Then we played Melon Monster again. I was listening for students to explain their thinking. It should should something like, “I know there were 9 melons to start with. There are 5 melons left and so he/she ate 4 melons. 4+5=9”

IMG_1603IMG_1601   IMG_1602

Today’s writing lesson was “What Can I Write About?” First I read the book, The Best Story. It’s about a girl who is trying to write the best story, but can’t think of what to write. In the end she realizes she needs to write about what she knows. Then they came up with all kinds of ideas to write about. Then they glued this chart in their notebooks.


Charlie shared a story about being excited to eat ham for dinner with his family.

IMG_1607  IMG_1608

We only got through two stations today because of art and the assembly. We worked on writing  b, short i words, and read our high frequency words.


Students filled in their final piece on their behavior calendar. I will be sending home notes telling the date tomorrow. The class chose a stuffed animal party.


We talked about realism and fantasy this week so we used that in art. I showed students art that looked like real things and abstract art. We then drew pigs that we would find in a fantasy story.


We had our first Roadrunner with Character Assembly today. IMG_1613

Congrats to Addy on being our first roadrunner with character!


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