Tuesday August 30,3016

The volunteer calendar for September went home today. If you would like to be added or need a date/time changed please let me know.



During math we found all of the 8 partners. We first did this by breaking apart our 8 stair step with a stick and writing all the number partners. We also found the switch partners (1+7 and 7+1). Then the students played a game called Melon Monster. See the video I put on Facebook.


Our comprehension skill this week is realism vs. fantasy. I read two different books and students found things that happened that made them real and fake.


Students reread their story from yesterday. We talked about who the characters were and asked questions about the story.


Those b’s and d’s can be tricky. Some students worked on writing them the correct way.


All students worked on sorting through pictures to tell if they had a short i sound.


For grammar, students worked in partners to build complete sentences. Some of the sentences ended up being pretty silly.

IMG_1591  IMG_1593 FullSizeRender 27

During science we talked about what plants need. They did an activity in their science notebook that we will continue on Thursday.


Grace shared what she did with Herbie Husker this weekend. She took him to a birthday party.


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