Monday August 29, 2016


Please remember to send back the field trip permission form. Let me know if you need a new copy.


We learned about the share time and partner time during writing time today.


Landrie shared a story about swimming wit her mom. Nora shared a story about going to a Nebraska game. We helped them both figure out some details they can add next time.

IMG_1556 IMG_1557IMG_1565

For math, we found out that we can switch number partners and it will still have the same total. For example, 5+2=7 and so does 2+5.


Check out my beautiful lunch dates. Madalyn bought lunch with a friend from the class store.

IMG_1559   IMG_1550

The new spelling list should have come home with your son/daughter today. Please practice those this week.


One of the phonics skills for the week is short i. We practice spelling and reading short i words.


In literacy small groups students sorted through pictures to find short i words, they started reading The Puppet Show and some wrote what happened at the end of the story in their notebooks.

IMG_1566  IMG_1567

Our grammar skill this week is being able to find the subject of the sentence. The subject tells who or what the sentence is about. Students gave me examples of some subjects we could write a sentence about. Next week we will add the predicate. Then they wrote their own sentence and underlined the subject.


For science we went outside to find living and nonliving things.


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