Thursday August 25, 2016


We continued to work on our writing muscles today. Students build their writing muscles by writing the entire time.


We also started discussing the parts of our writer’s workshop. Today we talked about the mini lesson. This will be at the beginning of every lesson. It’s a quick lesson to show the students what I want them to work on that day.

IMG_1430    IMG_1431

Evan shared a story about going to Sam’s house to play with his trucks. Bentley shared a story about his cat, Maggie.

IMG_1432 IMG_1433IMG_1439

In math today, we broke apart the number 6. Students found all the 6 partners while some students acted it out. (5+1, 4+2, 3+3, 2+4, 1+5)


Students listened to the story, Sam Come Back, and then we answered some comprehension questions as a class. Students will be taking their first reading test tomorrow. The comprehension skill is character. Ask your students who the characters were in Sam Come Back. (Sam, the boy, the dog, and the woman)


Ella is responding in her literacy journal about the story she read. She wants to be a teacher when she gets older.

IMG_1443  IMG_1444

Nora is working on writing her the three high frequency words from the week. (on, in, way)

Sidney is working on writing short a words.


Your kids might have told you that we had 2 Mrs. Robinsons today. They were right. This is my mother-in-law, Cheryl Robinson. She is going to be coming in on Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on reading with the kids. She has her masters in special education and missed being in the classroom so we get to have her with us!


The students had a sub for an hour while I text leveled some kids in the hallway. Mrs. Severa said they did fantastic!


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