Wednesday August 24, 2016


Every math lesson starts with a quick practice. It is a routine that I started leading, but will now have my teacher helper lead each week. Grace is leading our number parade in this picture. Students count from 1-10 in different ways (fast, slow, whisper, with fingers).


We used new manipulatives today in math class. These are called stair steps. We used these to talk about 1 more and 1 less. The students will use these in upcoming lessons as well.


Brady is leading an activity about the number 5. She said a rhyme while students followed with their fingers. “5 crows in a row and 2 below. How many crows?”


Students got to use our math bin activities today. These are math games that students can play together to reinforce certain skills.

IMG_1417   IMG_1416

Our writing mini lesson today was about building our writing muscles, or stamina. We talked about how athletes have to work hard to build their muscles just like writers need to build their writing muscles. Students worked on writing for 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Our goal is to get more than that tomorrow. Katie shared a story about going to a friend’s lake house in Yutan.


On Wednesdays students will start in my literacy small group by doing a roll, read, and write. They roll a dice, read whats in that row, then write what was in that row. It’s a quick thing to keep them busy while I do a one minute read with one student.

IMG_1418  IMG_1419

One of the activities we did in small group was write short a words. I was very impressed with how many got all the words spelled correctly.


We also started in a new book. You will see both books we read in small groups in the students Snack and Chat bags on Friday.

IMG_1422  IMG_1423

For art today we made art to show that “We are CRAZY about First Grade.” Students drew themselves and then gave themselves crazy hair.


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