Tuesday August 24, 2016

Reminder: Curriculum night is in the library tonight at 6:00. Then we will move up to my classroom to give you time to ask any questions you have.


Students acted out math stories today to work on breaking apart the number 5.We talked about how no matter how many times you move around 5 students it still is 5. I love how focused Bentley and Landrie are on the activity!

IMG_1401   IMG_1403

Students went to library today. They listened to a story about how to take care of their library books and then checked out two books. Please have these back by next Tuesday.

IMG_1404  IMG_1408

We watched a Brainpop Jr. about characters and then made a poster about them. After that students thought of characters they know from books they have read or heard.


Ella is working on a short a picture sort. Students had to decide if the word had a short a or not.

IMG_1406    IMG_1407

Students had another assessment to take downstairs. We weren’t going to let the waiting waste our learning time. Students worked on finding short a words and coloring them according to the key.

IMG_1409For grammar we sorted through sentences and decided if they were complete or incomplete.


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