Monday August 22, 2016

*** Reminders: Math homework will come home every Friday. Please have students return it on Monday. Send back your manila folders until we get Friday folders.

Curriculum Night is tomorrow night. We will start in the library promptly at 6:00.


I put a spelling tic tac toe page in each students’ take home folder. This can stay in their folder and can be used to help practice their spelling words. Don’t feel like you have to use this. They are just suggestions.


Students took their first spelling pretest today. If they missed more than 2 then they stayed on list A. If they just missed the last two words then they go on to list B, which has the same last two words. Please have students practice their words nightly to be ready for the test on Friday. When they are practicing please have them work on writing letters the correct way.

IMG_1396   IMG_1382

For writing we talked about Why Writers Write. Then students worked on writing with a purpose while waiting to take a math screener. All K-1 students take this 3 times per year.

IMG_1383     IMG_1386

You will see the math papers asking students to find number partners. This is an example of what I am looking for. The students break apart the number by drawing a line and then writing the number sentence. Students are asked to explain their thinking a lot with this new math curriculum. Students will also become the teachers quite a bit. Brady is asking students to tell her the name of the shape and asking how they know what shape it is.

IMG_1387    IMG_1391

Students wrote their spelling words in their spelling book. Then we worked on reading short a words.

IMG_1388    IMG_1390

I started my literacy small groups today and it went amazing! I met with every student in a group today. Each group will be working on different activities at their reading level. In all the groups we worked on short a words.


Our grammar skill this week is writing complete sentences. Make sure your kids have a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end when writing sentences at home.


We started our first science chapter today. Students learned about living vs. nonliving things. They wrote in their science notebook for the first time also. They wrote living, nonliving, and shelter then illustrated the words.


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