Friday August 19, 2016


I sent home a list of words today with some of the words highlighted. These are the words that your son or daughter misspelled. I will be working on these words with the students throughout the year, but I would appreciate you also working on them.


We organized our writing notebooks today during writing. We sectioned them off into brainstorming, resources, and final writing.

IMG_1132   IMG_1141

We worked on breaking apart the number 4 today. You will see some of these problems on the students’ math homework that was sent home. Students are to break apart the number 4 into 3 +1, 1+3, and 2 +2. I met with partner groups to give them some extra practice. One student broke apart 4 counters and the other student wrote the numbers to match the partners (we are calling the groups partners).

IMG_1133    IMG_1134

We had our last day of read to self challenge. The students made it to 16:08! Awesome job! I forgot to take picture of our king and queen, but it was Grace and Ty. Way to go!


While I listened to students read, the class worked in 4 different literacy stations. These included a craftivity from our story Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, writing station, read to self, and ipads.




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