Thursday August 18, 2016

IMG_1102      IMG_1103

Today we talked about what writers do. I modeled writing a story of my own and then the students wrote. We listen to classical music during writing time to get our creative juices flowing. IMG_1104

During sharing time students read their work and the audience asks questions about their story. This gives the students ideas about what details to add to their stories.


We got up to  7 minutes and 55 seconds today during our read to self challenge!! We are hoping for 15 minutes tomorrow.

IMG_1112   IMG_1113

Charlie and Maddax were my read to self King and Queen.

IMG_1110    IMG_1111IMG_1118

Students practiced working with zero voice noise just like they will during literacy stations. One of the stations they worked on was writing station. Our writing wall is full of words to put in our writing. At this time I will be working with students in my small groups. Today I had students read to me to see what level they are starting first grade on.


We read Wemberly Worried for our next Kevin Henkes story. Then students talked about things that make them worried.


I read Don’t Squeal unless it’s a big deal to start a conversation about tattling vs. reporting. We will discuss this more tomorrow.


We ended our day with a safety presentation from Mrs. Yandell. Students learned about the 4 actions we take if there is an emergency. Lockdown, Lockout, evacuate, and hold.


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