Wednesday August 17, 2016


Today’s math objectives:

– Identify and draw triangles

– Identify groups of 3

– Write numerals 0 through 3

– Identify and extend repeating patterns


We had our first writing mini lesson today. The mini lesson was to teach the students that writing is just telling on paper. They have so much stories to tell me every day and all they need to do is write those down on paper to be authors. Students used their decorated writer’s notebooks to get ideas and then started on their picture and words.


We will have students share their writing everyday. I have been looking for a wood rocking chair for years to decorate as my author’s chair. If you find one that is pretty cheap and I can refurbish, let me know and I would love to buy it!


These were by beautiful lunch dates today. Madalyn and Brady bought lunch with a friend from our class store.

IMG_1073      IMG_1074

We had our next read to self challenge. The students made it 2 minutes and 41 seconds today.

IMG_1080             IMG_1079

Spencer and Sidney were our King and Queen today.


Students learned about primary and secondary colors today in art. They drew 6 birds, colored three of them blue, red, and yellow. Then they mixed colors to make purple, green, and orange.


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