Tuesday August 16, 2016

We were very busy today! The students were troopers and took many beginning of the year assessments. No fun for the kids, but gives me really good information.


Students took a 5 minute addition time test. You will be amazed with how much they improve by the end of the year! I will send these home later this week.

There are a lot of games online for students to practice these. Or you can do the old fashioned flash cards.

IMG_1030    IMG_1031

Today’s math objective was identify and extend patterns and write numerals 0, 1,2. This might seem like repetitive information that they learned in Kindergarten, but it is great review.


We finished our first grade priority words test. I will be checking these and sending them home later this week. Please practice these throughout the year with your kids.


Last week I read a story called If you Take a Mouse to School. We brainstormed where we could take Rudy the Roadrunner to and what he would want to do there. For example, “If you take the roadrunner to the library he will want to read.” We walked  the roadrunner around the school today and practiced walking The Reeder Way.

IMG_1048     IMG_1049

We had a read to self challenge today. Our goal is to be “Real Readers” for 20 minutes. Today we made it a minute and 30 seconds. We will try it again tomorrow 😉

IMG_1050       IMG_1051

I chose a read to self king and queen who were be real readers the whole time.


We then took a reading baseline test. It was pretty long so we took many brain breaks. I loved seeing the kids dance moves while they did their Go Noodle.


We read our second Kevin Henkes book called Chester’s Way and discussed the parts of the book.


The students listened to music and worked on a word search since they worked so hard on all the tests today.

IMG_1062     IMG_1060

For social studies we talked about cooperating. One student thought of a picture to draw, but didn’t tell their partner. Then they both had to draw the picture. They found out how hard it was. Then they decided they should be able to talk to each other which is needed to cooperate.


Maddax brought in a book from home that was written by Kevin Henkes and shared it with the class. Have your kiddos see if they have any of Kevin’s work at home.


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