Toasty Thursday

Wow it’s a hot one out there today. Hope you are all able to stay safe out of the heat. It’s Scotty’s birthday today so we will need to think of something to do inside. Hope you all have a great night!

IMG_0855 2 IMG_0856

The students did both of these for morning work. One was some review of how to write their letters and the other will go into their first grade memory book.


New this year, teachers will be asking all students to walk the “Reeder Way.” It will be a school wide expectation for students to have their hands at their side, behind their backs, or in their pocket when walking in the hall. Another expectation is that they have zero voice noise. My students are showing me how to get ready to walk the Reeder Way.

IMG_0858 IMG_0859IMG_0860

The next rule the students learned about today was How to be Respectful. We read a story from Respectful Rachel, then brainstormed ways to be respectful. The students wrote 4 ways they were going to be respectful at school.


We will be doing brainbreaks frequently to be fresh for our learning. We do brainbreaks from the website Go Noodle. Such a great site.


We also worked on another page from our First Grade Memory Book. It will be fun to see how much their hand grows by the end of the year.


We read this story to help them get ready for recess. There is a girl called Mean Jean that is bossy and is not safe/fair at recess. A new student comes to school and is nice to Mean Jean which changes Jean’s attitude. We discussed ways that Mean Jean could be safe and fair.


We had indoor recess today because of a heat advisory. Students can play games, draw pictures, and read.


Students can bring to snacks a day. They can eat one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We have the first lunch so by the time afternoon rolls around their tummies are probably rumbling. Help them be responsible by packing their own snacks. Wednesday we will only have 1 snack since it’s a shorter day.


We all worked on an All About Me book. It included favorite food, family, hobby, and what they want to be when they grow up.



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