Happy First Day of School!

Wow what a way to start off the year! We had a lot going on today. I hope your child came home talking of the fun things we did today. The first week of school can be overwhelming and I’m sure your kids have a ton of questions. If after next week they are still asking a lot of questions let me know.


They started the day off by coloring a helmet that described them. I will hang these in the hallway for all to see.


The kids also worked on a Welcome to First Grade coloring page. While they were working I showed students our morning procedures. These include emptying backpacks, signing in for lunch, and turning in their take home folder.


We will be doing a lot of activities on the carpet. The students came up with rules to follow while on the carpet.


We played a get to know you game. Students said their name and their favorite food.


We then talked about ways to be responsible at school. The students did a great job brainstorming.


After we brainstormed ways to be responsible they each made a craft and wrote one way they would be responsible.


There are always lots of different feelings to be had on the first day. We listened to a story called “First Day Jitters” about a teacher who is scared to go to her new school. Students drank Jitter Juice to get rid of the flutterflies they had in their stomachs.


Then we brainstormed feelings they were having this morning.



To end the First Day Jitters activity, students made a craft to show how they were feeling this morning.


To end the day we made the cover to a memory book we will be working on this whole year. Students will bring this finished book home at the end of the year to show how much they have changed.



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