‘Outside’ Day

I haven’t introduced you to my brand new niece yet. She is one week old today. Her name is Mackenzie Sophia. She is perfect in every way!


Today the students went to an Image of The World Assembly. There is a couple from South Dakota who bikes around the world taking pictures and learning the culture. They bring back their pictures and experiences and share them with schools. Last year they came to Reeder and taught about Turkey. This year they taught about Africa. The images were amazing.


We have been working on a writing piece that the students will send on to their second grade teachers. They have been doing such a great job picking main ideas and adding details. They also are working on writing paragraphs. By the time they are finished, they will have three paragraphs about themselves.


We read our story about Alexander Graham Bell outside today.


During writing station, students wrote facts they learned about Alexander Graham Bell.


The weather didn’t hold up well for us all day so we went ‘outside’ of our classroom for spelling today.


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