Last day to turn in hit the books packets is April 26th.

I sent home an ABC countdown in Friday Folders. It has a schedule for some fun activities we will be doing to finish off the year. Make sure to hang on to the schedule.

On Friday the whole school worked on the mosaic assembly. It is going to look amazing!


We started chapter 11 today in math. We are swinging back around to addition and subtraction strategies. Students did some review with doubles facts today.


In phonics last week we worked on the -ow sound found in cow. This week we are working on the -ou sound found in mouse. Students picked an -ou word to use in a sentence.


In grammar, we worked on exclamation sentences. Students gave me examples of exclamations to write on the poster.


In social studies, we continued talking about families. It is tying in nicely with out family project. Look for the family projects on facebook as students finish them.



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