McDonald’s Night Tonight


  • Please continue to turn in hit the books packets.
  • We are almost out of glue sticks and black dry erase markers. Please send in some if you can.
  • McDonald’s Night is tonight. I will be there from 6-7.
  • PTO is looking for donations for Spring into Art Night. Our class is in charge of crafting supplies. This could be paints, canvas, ribbon, yarn, bead kits, scrapbooking, markers, paper, etc.


During our math small groups we worked on some words problems dealing with gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. Students could use their gallon village to help them. Students needed to show their answer in pictures, numbers, and words.


We are continuing to work on our informative writing unit by starting our family research projects. I will be working with students in small groups while other students are free writing.

FullSizeRender 2IMG_9237IMG_9239

I read the story, How I Became a Pirate during whole group reading. Then during reading small groups, we worked on cause and effect.


During phonics, students worked on writing words with the suffixes, -ful and -ly.


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