Terrific Tuesday


I read the story, Hey Little Ant, today to the class. It’s a story about a little boy who wants to step on an ant. The ant is trying to persuade him why he shouldn’t step on him. The boy is trying to persuade the ant why he should. I had the students decide what their opinion was and give me reasons to support their opinion.


In math, we worked on the meaning of before, after, and between. We made before and after machines to help us with the concept. The students figured out that to find the number before you need to subtract 1. To find the number after, you need to add one.


One of the activities we worked on during literacy stations was related to our story this week. There is a little boy who is throwing a surprise birthday party for his mama. The students had to come up with a gift they would give Mama if they went to the party.


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