Welcome Back!

With no snow days or Valentines activities we are ready to get back to a regular schedule. The students had a fantastic day and worked very hard.


In math, the students worked on reading data on a graph. In our small groups the students worked on gathering data, graphing it, and talking about the data.


Today, the students talked about the difference between a fact and an opinion while talking about skittles. Then they wrote their opinion about whether or not M&Ms are the best candy and their reason.



For grammar, we talking about the contraction not. Then the students worked on a contraction book. The one that confused them was that will not turns into won’t not willn’t.


In phonics, we worked on comparative endings -er and -est. When you are comparing two things you use the -er ending. When comparing 3 or more things you use the -est ending.


During science we went outside and used bubbles to learn about the wind. The bubbles can tell us about the direction the wind is going, the wind can change direction, and the speed of the wind.


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